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1st Devotion on Marriage

Any quotations here will be from The Living Bible by Tyndale House.
"It is not good that man should be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs." vs18.
"God...took one of his ribs...and made the rib into a woman, and brought her to the man." vs 22
"This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife in such a way that the two become one person." vs 24"
"...yet even so, you shall welcome your husband's affections, and he shall
be your master
." 3:16

An interesting tidbit. NASA's Ames Research Center found every single element of the body exists in soil.

God knew man needed someone more like himself than any animal in creation for comfort, companionship and and the like. What he created was so like Adam, yet different and new. And yes, he said she was to be his helper. The word it is taken from "ezer" means partner. Not a slave, not an errand boy, a partner. Now partnerships are not always 50-50. And that truly makes sense. If I partnered with one of you to open an art gallery, all I could possibly do would be to answer the phone and type invoices. I know nothing of art and have no talent. If we divided profits 50/50 you'd probably soon view me as an expense. It might be more appropriate if you received 75 or 80%. It works that way in marriage too. The most successful rely more on a distribution according to talents, energy, suitably, etc., then pure equality. And the percentages are constantly changing and being rene, like variable rate credit cards. Sometimes one has to totally carry the other for a time.  But the world would have you count each towel folded, each dollar earned, each meal prepared constantly checking to see if you were on the "losing" end. That's not God's way, he says give and then give some more. Check out the Beatitudes.

And God took a rib! How symbolic! Part of Adam. Essential. From his side, not his tail bone or his nose. We should stand beside our spouse, not striding out in front, nor bowing and scraping from behind. And also notice the location makes for a perfect place to be protected and sheltered under Adam's arm. A perfect fit. Let him protect you. It's his right and his responsibility. Society is trying to strip all the eloquence from simple courtesy (door opening) on up, until we are toe to toe with Adam instead of side by side. My husband puts it like this, I should be able to take care of most anything, but if I can't or someone won't listen, he'll step in. He's never had to. But there is an unspoken undercurrent, if you mess with her, I'll mess with you. May not be entirely biblical, but it is old fashioned. And I love it. It makes me feel empowered, not dominated.

And the man should leave his parents....not neglect them or write them off. But clearly separate his new home and family from them. In a way it is like the balance between the spouses, there will be times when it is agreed a parents needs must be put 1st. Or when their help and insight will be sought. But nothing and no one, not even dear sainted mother, should be between the couple or before the spouse.

The two shall become one. One plan, one destiny, one household, one unit. It symbolizes the intimate connection of sex. But it goes much deeper than that - to the heart and the mind and even the soul. You can't truly be happy if they aren't. Can't be satisfied if they aren't. Now, it's not always that way all the time. But it is the ideal that should be strived for. It deepens the relationship. Builds each partner up. Makes them the best they can be as a team and as individuals.

"And even so , you shall welcome your husband's affections." There will be more pertaining to this later in the study, but yes unless we are truly sick or have to leave right then to make it to work, or something other than "I'm just not in the mood." we should welcome them. 1st, it helps to strengthen him (and you) from outside lusts and temptations. 2nd, it's good therapy. It releases stress. Eases tensions. Helps you feel all warm and fuzzy toward each other. But don't panic! This is not carte blanc. Later we will hit on verses that make it clear he should always be sensitive to how you feel and what you need. After all, you are a part of him. What fool would want to hurt theirself?

I hope you received some insight, some blessing from this 1st installment.  I do not want anyone to blindly accept what is here, but go to the Word. Check it out for yourself. Pray for insight and turn it over in your own heart. Let the Holy Spirit lead you into all understanding. This is here only to serve to get you thinking.

God Bless you and keep you. Please add your reply. A question. A testimony. Anything that applies.

2nd Devotion on Marriage

Welcome Back! Scriptures in this devotion are centered around some things not to do. devilish Reminder that quotes are from The Living Bible translation by Tyndale House. Please prayerfully consider these verses and commentary, leaning on the Holy Spirit to lead you into all understanding, and not me.

Today's verses will challenge some commonly held "world views." As Christians, our world view must be colored by God's Holy Word. Remember, we are to be in the world, not of the world.

Exodus 20:14 lists the 7th Commandment. "You must not commit adultery." Maybe you are thinking that you certainly have not. But remember our Lord expanded upon this to say that if you even lust in your heart you have committed adultery. If you have in the past, ask for His forgiveness now and His strength never to do it again. If you are currently harboring lust, then renounce it! Ask Jesus to fill you with disgust at the thought. Ask Him to give you desire for only your husband, that you may honor Him. If your spouse has issues here, then perhaps in this light you can take the 1st steps toward forgiveness of him. If you have committed these sins, then forgive yourself. When we repent (turn away from) our sin and ask His forgiveness he remembers our sin no more! We stand justified (just-as-if-I'd never) before God.

Think sex before marriage is OK!?! "If a man seduces a girl...and sleeps with her, he must...accept her as his wife." Exodus 22:16 If God expects that you should marry someone you slept with, then consider that sex was designed by God for marriage. It has no place apart from marriage.

Homo sexuality?! Beastiality!? God forbids such acts in Leviticus. "Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin. A man will have no sexual intercourse with any female animal...and a woman must never give herself to a male animal...this is a terrible perversion." 18:22 & 23 But it's genetic! Well, personally I seriously doubt the science there. But consider even if there was a genetic predisposition to deviant sexual behavior, most believe there is such a predisposition to addiction. That doesn't give them the right to be addicted or excuse them from the sin or the consequences of that sin. Same thing. Why is it such a perversion? Because it goes against the plan and order that God established at creation. The animals weren't suited to meet Adam's needs, so God created a mate for him. And she was Eve not Evan!

And now let us consider how much authority our husband has in our life. Especially if he is a Christian. In Numbers 30:10-15 we find, "If she is married and living in her husbands home when she makes the vow (to God), and her husband hears of it and does nothing, the vow shall stand; but if he refuses to allow it on the first day he hears of it, her vow is void and Jehovah will forgive her. So her may either confirm or nullify her vow,..." Wow! Maybe you should listen when hubby says you shouldn't have signed up to teach VBS again this year. Mainly, I want you to take away from this scripture an appreciation of just how much weight your husbands opinion can and should carry when you are deciding service and commitments to the Lord and the church. And then take it to God in prayer.

I hope this installment has challenged you to review your world view. I pray it empowers you to embrace a more biblical view. Remember, when these books were written, God had led the Israelites out of Egypt and was establishing them as a nation. A nation unto himself. A nation that was to be holy (set apart for God, pure). We are commanded to be Holy, even as our Lord is Holy. Now, no one will achieve it in perfection here and now but that is the cross we take up each day that we follow Him.

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May God bless and strengthen you until next time. - Barbara

3rd Devotion on Marriage

Welcome to Our Devotional Series! The book of Deuteronomy is a retelling of the law. Address that Moses delivered to the people before they entered the promised land to remind them of the covenant they had with God. It had been established 40 years earlier after the exodus from Egypt. This is the book our Savior quoted from most often!

Deut. 7:3&4, "Do not intermarry with them, nor let your sons and daughters marry their sons and daughters. That would surely result in your young people's beginning to worship their Gods." TLB

Moses was referring to the people who inhabited the promised land. They did not know, acknowledge or worship Jehovah God. They worshiped pagan, false Gods. Often included in their worship were idols, temple prostitutes and sacrifice of children. These things were all abhorrent to God and expressly forbidden for the Israelites. God had called them out to be a separate Holy people unto Him.

God knew then and now that if we mix in with other people of different beliefs their ideas and practices will begin to rub off on us.Love for a mate of opposing belief could lead us astray from our first love, Jesus.  Therefore, then and now it is His ultimate will for us to marry within our faith. If marriage is in Gods plan for your life then He has a Godly mate out there somewhere that he wil lead you to.

Now, that said, we should not dump or leave a mate that we married when we were separate from God. It is within His permissive will that we should remain with them for as long as they will have us. (More on this when we get to the writings of Paul) We should lead Godly lives before them and pray for their salvation. If you are single, you should be praying now for the mate you may one day have. If we are Christian, we should always seek God's will before we inter into marriage. Unfortunately even among Christians it is more often a matter of lust and desire, will they give me what I want ie. social standing, economic security,etc.

Myself, I was a Christian when I met my spouse. But I had not yet learned to let Jesus be Lord of my life or how to seek His will. I was not living the lifestyle, walking the walk. My dear husband is unsaved. It has brought issues and struggles into our lives that Christian couples can often though not entirely avoid. Please join me in praying for his salvation that this home and marriage may be united fully in Christ.

One more thing. This verse has been used, misused to promote bigotry and hate. To claim that God sees color when he looks at His children. This is not true. . It is false doctrine. God's only concern was for spiritual harmony and purity in our relationships.

Have a great day in the Lord!biggrin And please add your reply. Insights, testimonies, prayer requests. I need a blessing too! I hope this has been a blessing unto you.

Love in Christ,


4th Devotion on Marriage

My prayer is that these devotionals will be a blessing to someone.  If at least one marriage becomes more devoted to God, gets stronger, heals from some hurt then it is worth any time or effort I spent on this.  This is in obedience to God for what He showed me and what He did in my own marriage!


Today's verses come from Ezra, Nehemiah and Jerimiah.
In Ezra 9:10 and Nehemiah 13, we see that once again the Isrealites were turning their backs on what was God's way and God's will. In part they had not followed His will in choosing whom to marry. This among other transgressions had them exiled from the Promised Land for several decades. There is always a price to pay when we don't follow God's leadership. And we should never swerve in our devotion to God for any man.

In Jeremiah Chapter 3 we hear the Lord say to Isreal, "But though you have left me and married many lovers, yet I have invited you to come to me again," vs1 TLB God's mercy and grace run so deep! He stood ready to forgive and restore Isreal time and again if they would only admit their sins and turn back to God. That same God stands ready to do that for us. And shouldn't we stand ready to do that for our spouse? Strive to forgive as He forgives (he remembers our sin no more). To love as He loves (He loves us just as we are). Sanctify your love as he sanctifies us. ( Set aside for a special relationship.) Enable and empower your mate as the Holy Spirit does for us! We won't get it right every time in this world. But that IS our cross that we bare. To get up each day and strive to live better, more like Him, then we did the day before.

May God go before you today and may His love follow you every where you go!

5th Devotion on Marriage

Tip from me to you - Keep those priorities in order! What order? #1 God, #2 Hubby, #3 Children, #4 Your Local Church, then everybody else. I am guilty of recently getting mine skewd about, so careful there sisters!

Psalms 128 is a picture of a family happy and content with each other and in the Lord. Read the whole short chapter, but we will focus on verses 1 & 3. The Living Bible Translation. "Blessings on all who reverence and trust the Lord-on all who obey Him.... Your wife shall be contented in your home."

Okay, blessings on ALL who reverence, trust and obey the Lord. That includes me and you. That is why it is so important to make sure we are the women, wives, mothers, friends, etc. that He desires us to be. And there is just no way to know that, to be that without Bible study and prayer. Now by context, this was applied to a man who led his household in this lifestyle. If you have a man like that, praise the Lord for Him and thank him. If your husband isn't there yet, then claim it for yourself as the spiritual head of the household by default. Do all you can to honor God as a spouse. He will bless it and use it, perhaps even to get your husbands attention and get him on track. (Notice I said God would use it, not you. There is nothing more unappealing than a wife (or hubby) on a soapbox.) Let your actions honor Him and then His Spirit can use your actions in the hearts and lives of others.

Content wives. Is that an oxymoron?! Just kidding. Half the battle is in the mind. The glass can be half full or half empty. If you are a child of God you should know that it truly is always on the full side. There is always more. It will never run out. He is inexhaustable!

But pratically, no matter how content or discontent you are, express your contentment to your husband. Let him know the things your appreciate in him. Look for and seize every chance to affirm his actions. Bite your tongue some when you're not so content. You really do catch more flies with honey than vinegar! So sweeten it struck Pour a little sugar on it. Unless he really is from Mars, he will appreciate it and respond to it in positive way to get more of it.

May God bless you all!

6th Devotion on Marriage

smile Hello one and all! Welcome to my journal and this series. I pray that is serves it's intended purpose which is to get you looking into the Word of God and seeking His will for you and your life as a spouse. Never blindly accept anyone's comments or teachings on scripture. Always examine them against the Bible and the Spirit!

Today's verses are listed in my concordance under the heading: Wives/good. Truly, God intended for wives to be a good thing in a man's life. Was not Eve provided to be a helpmate? We hold a very powerful position in our men's lives. How we treat them, interact and respond to them can have a profound impact on all other areas of his life. Therefore, to paraphrase a little, before you get after the splinter in his life that irritates you or disappoints you, check for the board in your own life. It may be true you can't change him, but you can change you. When you change you, he has something new to react to. See what brings out the best in your man.

"A worthy wife is her husband's joy and crown; the other kind corrodes his strength and tears down everything he does." Prov. 12:4 TLB Pray and ask the Lord to show you which kind of wife you are in each area of your relationship. Since your life is tied up in his it behooves you to help him be the best he can be, to help him succeed in each area of his life as it will surely impact your life!

"The man who finds a wife finds a good thing; she is a blessing to him from the Lord." Prov. 18:22 TLB Wow! Now that is awesome. We are one of God's blessings to our spouse. Consider are we worthy of that title? Do we honor God in this or bring shame to His Holy Name? There is a song that says "make me a channel of blessing today...make me a channel of blessing I pray." Let us ask Him each day how we can be that channel of blessing for our husbands.

"...and a nagging wife annoys like constant dripping." Prov. 19:13 TLB Okay. I know my husband sometimes thinks just to mention that something isn't working right (That commode stopped up again.) is nagging. There are times when I don't tell him something or remind him of something, then it is...shame on me for letting him forget! There are others when I do and then it's will you please get off my back! But I strive to filter things likethis by asking myself if he truly needs to know. What will happen if he does forget? That kind of thing. So he won't feel he is getting so much nagging. But we all know there is the other kind. The whinny, mean-spirited, implying he's failing in some way kind of nagging. Well, stop it! Stop it because it isn't Godly and because it WILL NOT yield the results you are looking for. It will only make him reclusive, drive him to avoid you, ignore you.

Read thru and pray and meditate upon Proverbs 31:10-31 The following is an outline from a sermon upon these verses:

1. She is trustworthy.
2. She builds you up and is a good companion.
3. She works hard in her home and for her family.
4. She gets up early and is available at any time.
5. She gives wise advice to her family.
6. She has compassion for those outside her family.
7. She is prepared for every need and situation.
8. She takes care of her appearance.
9. She adds to and aids your reputation.
10. She is optimistic and hopeful.
11. Kindness and pleasant words are her qualities.
12. She loves God and puts Him 1st.

May this be a blessing to your heart and home. Please spread the word about this site and this series! Please share what God has spoken to your heart. Confused about something, ask a question. Need prayer, an accountably partner or mentor? Send me an e-mail with your request: .

7th Devotion on Marriage

Today we move into the new testament. Starting in the Gospel of Matthew we will get a look at what our Savior had to say about marriage. Bible FYI: The gospel of Matthew was written with the Jew in mind. It protrays Jesus as King, the fulfilllment of Old Testiment prophecy.

We will be in Chapter 19: 1-12. The Pharisees that questioned Jesus weren't truly seeking answers. Their aim was to get Jesus to in some way blaspheme God so they could discredit him. But no matter what their intentions were, we are left with a record of where our Lord stood on marriage and divorce. A plainly stated revelation of God's intent.

vs. 4 - 1st Jesus asked whether they read scripture. God has supplied us with a handbook for living THE LIFE. It, along with the Holy Spirit as a tutor is all we need for guidance, morals, lifestyle choices, our world view, etc. Never let anything I or any other person says override what the word and the Spirit say to you. If they agree, fine...the word is from God. If they do not, and you are sure you have remained close to Him thru study and prayer, then discard the one and cling only to His Word.

In vs 5 & 6 Jesus restates the commandment of Moses and the words of Genesis. A man and a woman in a bond together like no other and above all others, save our relationship to God. In God's perfect plan there is no room for divorce. If each person in the relationship submitted to God and to each other, there would be no need! But unfortunately not all are children of God. Nor do all of God's Children always seek or remain in His will.

In vs. 8 & 9 we see that it pains our Lord, but divorce for adultery is allowed by God. But this He allows as part of His Permissive Will. Recognizing how hard the human heart can be. If you get divorced for other reasons, you set you and your former mate up to commit adultery in future relationships. This is because in God's eyes you are not even divorced! Now let's settle here awhile. Must I divorce an adulterus mate? No. Of course not. If there is repentance and with God's help you can work thru to forgiveness then the marriage can be healed and made better than before. Mine is living proof! I divorced my husband for other reasons, what now? If you are already divorced for other reasons, don't dispare! There is only one unforgivable sin and that is rejecting the Holy Spirit. You can be forgiven for the divorce and any thing you did leading up to it. True repentance is the key. And you must forgive yourself and go on, for God remembers our sin no more!

Just make sure as we see in verses 10-12 that you seek God's will for you in all present and future relationships. For some it is better to marry and for others it is not. The apostle Paul will get into this more indepth as we continue the series.

For any out there recovering from this thing called divorce I pray for you peace, healing, and a full and restored relationship with Christ. For any who are considering it or may have it forced upon them by a spouse I pray Jesus grant you strength, wisdom, and insight into His will.

God bless you all till we meet again! smile