Monday, October 2, 2006

8th Devotion on Marriage

Here is a note: Mark 10 recounts the same instance as our look in Mattthew.

The apostle John was approxamately 25 years old when called by Jesus. Domitian banished him to Patmos. Afterward he pastured the Ephesus Church. John outlived the other apostles. Hence his grandfatherly tone in 1st, 2nd & 3rd John. The gospel of John reveals the Diety of Jesus in every chapter and was written that those who read it might believe in Christ.

These scriptures relate the story of Jesus' 1st public miracle. Though there is nothing here to teach us directly about marriage just the Saviors presence at the wedding holds significance! By attending the wedding he sanctified it. His presence there put His approval on the occasion. I submit to you dear sisters that Christ's presence is at (in) each and every marriage. Marriage is never a partnership of two people but of three persons. Whether you are saved, unsaved, whatever, Christ is a partner in the marriage! The problem is, all too often He is the silent partner!! Not by His chosing or because He has nothing to say or contribute, but because we shut him out. God never "butts in" where He is not invited. So, if you want the power and love of Christ flowing thru your marriage invite Him! The True Place for Christ in any marriage is at the Head. Like a triangle, Christ is the top point and Head. Man and wife are the bottom points and equal. Communication and love can flow freely around the lines of the triangle.

Dear Sisters, if Christ is not at the Head of your marriage, please pray today and invite Him to take the full priviledge of His place in the partnership!

May God bless you and fill you with His Presence today!

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