Monday, October 2, 2006

4th Devotion on Marriage

My prayer is that these devotionals will be a blessing to someone.  If at least one marriage becomes more devoted to God, gets stronger, heals from some hurt then it is worth any time or effort I spent on this.  This is in obedience to God for what He showed me and what He did in my own marriage!


Today's verses come from Ezra, Nehemiah and Jerimiah.
In Ezra 9:10 and Nehemiah 13, we see that once again the Isrealites were turning their backs on what was God's way and God's will. In part they had not followed His will in choosing whom to marry. This among other transgressions had them exiled from the Promised Land for several decades. There is always a price to pay when we don't follow God's leadership. And we should never swerve in our devotion to God for any man.

In Jeremiah Chapter 3 we hear the Lord say to Isreal, "But though you have left me and married many lovers, yet I have invited you to come to me again," vs1 TLB God's mercy and grace run so deep! He stood ready to forgive and restore Isreal time and again if they would only admit their sins and turn back to God. That same God stands ready to do that for us. And shouldn't we stand ready to do that for our spouse? Strive to forgive as He forgives (he remembers our sin no more). To love as He loves (He loves us just as we are). Sanctify your love as he sanctifies us. ( Set aside for a special relationship.) Enable and empower your mate as the Holy Spirit does for us! We won't get it right every time in this world. But that IS our cross that we bare. To get up each day and strive to live better, more like Him, then we did the day before.

May God go before you today and may His love follow you every where you go!

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