Monday, October 2, 2006

3rd Devotion on Marriage

Welcome to Our Devotional Series! The book of Deuteronomy is a retelling of the law. Address that Moses delivered to the people before they entered the promised land to remind them of the covenant they had with God. It had been established 40 years earlier after the exodus from Egypt. This is the book our Savior quoted from most often!

Deut. 7:3&4, "Do not intermarry with them, nor let your sons and daughters marry their sons and daughters. That would surely result in your young people's beginning to worship their Gods." TLB

Moses was referring to the people who inhabited the promised land. They did not know, acknowledge or worship Jehovah God. They worshiped pagan, false Gods. Often included in their worship were idols, temple prostitutes and sacrifice of children. These things were all abhorrent to God and expressly forbidden for the Israelites. God had called them out to be a separate Holy people unto Him.

God knew then and now that if we mix in with other people of different beliefs their ideas and practices will begin to rub off on us.Love for a mate of opposing belief could lead us astray from our first love, Jesus.  Therefore, then and now it is His ultimate will for us to marry within our faith. If marriage is in Gods plan for your life then He has a Godly mate out there somewhere that he wil lead you to.

Now, that said, we should not dump or leave a mate that we married when we were separate from God. It is within His permissive will that we should remain with them for as long as they will have us. (More on this when we get to the writings of Paul) We should lead Godly lives before them and pray for their salvation. If you are single, you should be praying now for the mate you may one day have. If we are Christian, we should always seek God's will before we inter into marriage. Unfortunately even among Christians it is more often a matter of lust and desire, will they give me what I want ie. social standing, economic security,etc.

Myself, I was a Christian when I met my spouse. But I had not yet learned to let Jesus be Lord of my life or how to seek His will. I was not living the lifestyle, walking the walk. My dear husband is unsaved. It has brought issues and struggles into our lives that Christian couples can often though not entirely avoid. Please join me in praying for his salvation that this home and marriage may be united fully in Christ.

One more thing. This verse has been used, misused to promote bigotry and hate. To claim that God sees color when he looks at His children. This is not true. . It is false doctrine. God's only concern was for spiritual harmony and purity in our relationships.

Have a great day in the Lord!biggrin And please add your reply. Insights, testimonies, prayer requests. I need a blessing too! I hope this has been a blessing unto you.

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lurkynat said...

der Barbara
yes I beleive it!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Keeping all in prayer knowing the prayer will be returned..Hugs,TerryAnn