Monday, October 2, 2006

7th Devotion on Marriage

Today we move into the new testament. Starting in the Gospel of Matthew we will get a look at what our Savior had to say about marriage. Bible FYI: The gospel of Matthew was written with the Jew in mind. It protrays Jesus as King, the fulfilllment of Old Testiment prophecy.

We will be in Chapter 19: 1-12. The Pharisees that questioned Jesus weren't truly seeking answers. Their aim was to get Jesus to in some way blaspheme God so they could discredit him. But no matter what their intentions were, we are left with a record of where our Lord stood on marriage and divorce. A plainly stated revelation of God's intent.

vs. 4 - 1st Jesus asked whether they read scripture. God has supplied us with a handbook for living THE LIFE. It, along with the Holy Spirit as a tutor is all we need for guidance, morals, lifestyle choices, our world view, etc. Never let anything I or any other person says override what the word and the Spirit say to you. If they agree, fine...the word is from God. If they do not, and you are sure you have remained close to Him thru study and prayer, then discard the one and cling only to His Word.

In vs 5 & 6 Jesus restates the commandment of Moses and the words of Genesis. A man and a woman in a bond together like no other and above all others, save our relationship to God. In God's perfect plan there is no room for divorce. If each person in the relationship submitted to God and to each other, there would be no need! But unfortunately not all are children of God. Nor do all of God's Children always seek or remain in His will.

In vs. 8 & 9 we see that it pains our Lord, but divorce for adultery is allowed by God. But this He allows as part of His Permissive Will. Recognizing how hard the human heart can be. If you get divorced for other reasons, you set you and your former mate up to commit adultery in future relationships. This is because in God's eyes you are not even divorced! Now let's settle here awhile. Must I divorce an adulterus mate? No. Of course not. If there is repentance and with God's help you can work thru to forgiveness then the marriage can be healed and made better than before. Mine is living proof! I divorced my husband for other reasons, what now? If you are already divorced for other reasons, don't dispare! There is only one unforgivable sin and that is rejecting the Holy Spirit. You can be forgiven for the divorce and any thing you did leading up to it. True repentance is the key. And you must forgive yourself and go on, for God remembers our sin no more!

Just make sure as we see in verses 10-12 that you seek God's will for you in all present and future relationships. For some it is better to marry and for others it is not. The apostle Paul will get into this more indepth as we continue the series.

For any out there recovering from this thing called divorce I pray for you peace, healing, and a full and restored relationship with Christ. For any who are considering it or may have it forced upon them by a spouse I pray Jesus grant you strength, wisdom, and insight into His will.

God bless you all till we meet again! smile

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